Guild Information


Who are we? What type of guild?
“Endure is a casual guild that’s serious about raiding”

Welcome to Endure! Welcome to our members and prospective members. We are looking to develop an in game community of like minded people who enjoy playing together. We are all adults with real life responsibilities and lives and therefore believe it is important to keep balance in WOW as in all aspects of life. We are primarily a raiding guild but have space for alts and semi casual players. Guild runs are encouraged and assisting your guildies with gear and rep gains, although not mandatory, is greatly appreciated. We are open to players with a positive outlook and sense of humor who are interested in forward progression through the game content. While we try not to take ourselves too seriously we do like to win and we need raiders who are interested in staying for a whole raid (even the wipes) We are not moving as quickly as some more militant raiding guilds but we are enjoying our successes. It is very likely that we will never move as quickly as 5 night a week raiding guilds but for those of you who don't want a full time commitment to the game that shouldn't be a problem.

We have had our ups and downs over the last 3 years but for many of us there have been more ups then downs. It is important from time to time to revisit your beginnings in order to decide if they still apply to your current situation. What I have found in the doing of that is that they should apply but in some cases have not. To our new member please do not feel like old members are a closed group. You need to put yourselves out there. Get to know people. One of the things I hear a lot from our long term members is that they don’t really know many of the people in the guild anymore. I have a simple answer for this. Get to know them. Run 5 mans, 10 mans and talk to them. Offer to help or ask for help and if you see someone asking for help put yourself out there.

What are our goals for the future?
This is an exciting time. We are about to have new content that will definitely challenge us and we have many new members who bring new outlooks, skills and personalities to the guild. We have an incredibly strong foundation and I would like us to renovate the existing structure. My primary goal for our guild in the next patch and xpac is that we are a place that all of us like to come at the end of the day. I want to build a successful raid team that moves through content and enjoys the experience. People want different things from their play time. Some like to come online and hang out others want serious progression. I would like us to walk the very fine line between the two. Raiding without successes is frustrating however focusing purely on raid success and forgetting that our guild is made up of human beings with real life issues and experiences is a recipe for disaster. All our members need to keep this in mind as they decide where in the guild ranks they would like to sit.

What are we not?
We are not a hardcore guild. We want to see all content however we are not focused on server firsts. We are not prepared to give up understanding for our guild mate’s real lives in order to progress.

Who are our Officers? And what are their roles/responsibilities?
We have several officers some have clear cut responsibilities in other cases they merge a little. They have all been chosen because they have shown commitment to the guild and an understanding of our intended path.

GM: Rayche
I see my job as facilitating your play experience as best I can. I do my very best to create rules that allow the guild to work as smoothly as possible. Ultimately, however this is not a democracy. I will always be more than willing to listen to concerns or points of view. I will not always act on them as you may like. I will try my best to make this work for most of the people most of the time. It is not possible to do more than that.

Leaders:  Bartamos, Carsinoma, Espirita, Felecia, Gerbadin, Lottatotems, Lyonella, Mishakaltwo.  
These people are leaders in terms of assisting me in decision making. They will help with recruitment, raid organization and raid leading and are a port of call for our members to turn to with help.
Gerbadin is our
Fearless Raid Leader, Don't mess with him.
Mishakaltwo is our numbers man. He tracks our EPGP.
Carsinoma and Lottatotems are there for all your healing questions and just about anything else you might need to know.
Espirita is our Guild Bank manager and protector of all that is good. More about her and Carsinoma below.
Lyonella is the Website queen. If you have questions or suggestions for the website please get in touch with her.
Again these people are there for assistance and helping us be a better team.  There are many people who know a lot about spec/gear/gems etc, but I have asked them to pay particular attention to dps and heals in raids and they may have questions for you regarding your spec or gear choices as we work towards building our best possible raid team for new content.
Please feel free to contact any of the leaders with questions or concerns or even (gasp) compliments and thanks.

Carsinoma, Espirita 
We are proud of our bank. We enjoy being able to offer consumables and enchants/gems/gear upgrades to our raiders. This comes from a great deal of work, time and kindness from our bankers.  Carsinoma, Espirita and a few others  work very hard to keep the bank well stocked and to provide our guild members with needed items. If you wish to buy from the bank please be aware that they also play for their own pleasure and may not be ready to drop everything to get you what you want at the moment you want it. Feel free to ask if they are available but if not send them and in game mail and they will either send or CoD the items you requested. It is not required that anyone donate to the bank, but be aware that our bankers really work very hard and give up their personal farm time for the guild. If you have something useful spare please think of your bank.

Membership/Guild Ranks 

You are new to our guild. We are getting to know you and you are getting to know us. In your time as a recruit I would assume that you will:
• Join on the guild website and familiarize yourself with our rules.
• Sign up for raids.
• Get to know your new guildies.
Unless you are the family or close friend of an existing member, you have most likely been recruited in order to fill a raid place if you can’t do so perhaps our raid guild is not for you.

• someone’s main who is still not level 85 and is leveling up their character.
• friends and family of raiders who like to hang out but cant raid.
• You are happy to run 5 mans or take part in things that are going on or even sub in for a raid but can’t commit to a raid schedule.

While Endure is not a leveling guild, people who have their Mains in the guild are free to bring in their Alts.
• The distinction between Alts and Mains is necessary because generally speaking Mains have priority over Alts for both Raid inclusion and loot.
• If you have a raiding alt in another guild we expect that it won’t interfere with our raid schedule. However raiding alts from other guilds will not be welcome on guild runs unless it is a case of dire emergency.

So you have done your time as a recruit. You like us, we like you. You are on your way to becoming a raider.
• you are welcome to sign up to any raid and you have loot priority over recruits and social players but less then raiders with EPGP priority.
• You also have a 50% discount on items from your friendly guild bank and can remove one flask and one 10 stack of food per raid.

• You are part of the core team. We count on you and what you bring to the group. You are geared/gemmed/chanted and focused and together we will go forth and kill.
• You have highest loot priority and get a 75% discount from the bank. You also are entitled to 2 flasks per raid a 10 stack of food and or pots.
• The bank will provide you with full mats for enchants or gems for epgp loot. You got here by being present at most raids and being committed to the progress of the guild.

The difference between this and social is simply these people have been an active part of the guild for a very long time and we wish to mark that we appreciate the time they spent with us and the efforts they put in
• Simply that you are a raider of long standing who is currently unable to play with us or unable to play often, however we are keeping your seat warm

How do you progress through the ranks?
Progression through the ranks is a little different here. It is not a matter of being promoted through each rank until you reach the top. Most of these are parallel ranks in every way except bank access and loot priority. As stated, people want different things from their play time. Raider is not a higher rank then Social it simply means you choose to spend your time with us raiding. If you wish to be a social player you will remain as social. If you intend to be a raider however you will turn up consistently to raids and be an active and useful part of the raid team.

Your promotions will be loosely based on your EPGP in your first month or two of play. At approximately 450-500 you will be moved to member. Once you reach 900-1000 you will be eligible to become a raider. The reason we keep these separate is that it is depressing for a raid team to gear people who leave guild after gearing or to see people who don’t play that often taking gear they have been waiting for.

There will be movement between the ranks as people take breaks for real life issues or very occasionally as a consequence of mistreating the guild. If you are unable or do not wish to raid for a month or more you will be moved to social until you are ready to recommit to raiding.

What are the requirements to join Endure?
• You need to be 18. We have mature content and are not willing to alter that or expose someone else's children to it.
• You need to want to be part of guild activities from raiding to running instances. Possibly old content, possibly pvp, basically to be an active member who adds the play experience.
• You need to understand our rules and guild culture.

Guild Rules/Conditions

To create the type of environment and game play we enjoy we need to agree to a set of conditions or 'rules'.

1. Respect - We need to respect each other and the people around us. This is a simple thing that can go a long way. Think before you speak and please be respectful of gender and racial differences there is no room for bigotry or rudeness in this guild. Inappropriate discussions in trade or guild chat will on a first offense get a warning on a second will have you removed from guild. Our first and most basic rule regards your behavior in guild and in game. Basically I expect all members of my guild to treat each other and the game community with respect. I do not want tells that our members are ninjas or rude or the kind of people that will dump a group once they get what they want.

2. Attendance - If you have signed up for a raid please be at the raid at the appropriate time ready to go. Remember there will be 9 or 24 other people waiting on you and it is frustrating for everyone to have people who turn up late, unprepared or don't turn up at all. Also understand that if you do not turn up to a raid and someone is subbed in, that person will have preference for the week. They will not be saved to the raid and then removed because you turn up an hour later. I do not want our members to pug content currently raiding. I expect our members to be part of our guild runs if possible. If you are a raider and pug content that makes you unavailable to your guild you will receive a warning if you do it a second time you will be demoted and a third will earn you removal from the guild.

3. Maturity - We are looking for mature players, ages 18 and up. We want players who are in control of their own lives, and can make mature decisions and behave as adults.

4. Vent conduct –
We have a vent server, and now in game voice chat. The guild will continue to prefer the vent server over the in game voice chat. Vent will be used for all raids and guild meetings.

5. Loot - Loot will ultimately be assigned via the EPGP system. Please see the EPGP post for more information on this. Other than in large scale format, loot will be rolled on
by eligible players. Please think this through before deciding to roll. Is the item really an upgrade for you? or is there a team member it would be better for. In raids all
non epic gear will be assigned to guild members who can use it for the good of the guild, ie. enchants or will go to the guild bank to be sold for mats or consumables for raids.
This will ultimately save you gold. Raiders will however always have priority over lower ranks for gear. If you receive loot it is expected that you will have enchanted and gemmed said item before the next raid.
Since the guild provides mats to raiders for gear upgrades there is no reason for that not to happen fast.

6. Verbiage - Keep guild chat "clean", no racial, or derogatory comments please and cursing to a bare and appropriate minimum. This is an adult guild however we still expect
you to keep to appropriate behavior. We also expect that no one will direct offensive language at any member of the guild at any time for any reason. Doing so will have you removed.

7. Spec - We understand that you pay to play so it is highly unlikely that we will ask you to respec to a role you don't enjoy. However if it is necessary for a time we hope
that you will put the good of the team ahead and accept it in good part. If it is necessary for whatever reason the guild bank will pay for your respec.

8. Professions - I personally prefer not to take money from guild members for mats or professional tasks. That is not a rule but please keep in mind that we are a team and if
you have an ability needed by a guild member we would appreciate you donating to the cause. That is not to say you need to provide mats but I would prefer you not to ask for

9. Conduct - If you have an issue with another player (yes sometimes it happens) please be adult in your handling of the situation. Address it privately rather then making
guild chat uncomfortable for all. If it cannot be resolved in a private conversation please request mediation from one of your friendly guild council members.

10. Fun - Remember we play because it is fun. So enjoy


Who are our official raid leaders? Alternate RL?
Right now this role is handled primarily by Gerbadin. This evolves as we learn the leadership of others. If you are a Raider and feel you would like to take on this role, please let Rayche or one of the Officers know.

What are the standard raid days?  And times?
Standard 25 man days are Tuesday and Wednesday (always) and Thursday depending on numbers and content. This may well change with future patches and/or content. New content often brings our numbers up a little and I would like us to raid 25 mans 3 days a week.

Raids begin at 8pm server and end at 11pm server time. Please be ready to start at 8 and able to stay the full 3 hours if you sign up. Yes we understand occasionally life happens but as a baseline we would expect that from anyone raiding with us.

Do we consider ourselves a 10 man and/or 25 man raiding guild?
We don’t worry too much about being a 10 or 25 man guild; it is fun to manage both. Our focus has historically been on 25 man raiding but we also like to encourage guild 10 mans at least once day a week. They help with gear, knowledge of the fights and team feeling.

What mods are required? What are recommended?
Required mods are Vent, DBM and Omen. Each person plays their toon a little differently and we would expect you would know what suits your class/spec and play style best. The 3 required impact the whole raid

Is there prep required? suggested?
We will be starting a new system of posting strategy guides and movies of the strategies we will use on the website. I would expect people to have read/watched these before raid.
It is the raid leaders job to organize and lead us not to spoon feed us. If you come in having some understanding of the fight mechanics you will improve the outcomes of the raid enormously

How strict are we with the scheduling?
We expect that if you join a raid guild you do so with the expectation of raiding. We are not going to gkick you if you have to work late for a week or so or if you have a family need. However if you are not interested in raiding or can’t make our times please don’t join as a raider.
If you sign up you have made a commitment to 24 or 9 other people, again sometimes life happens, but I am a firm believer in honoring your commitments. Yes it is a game but it is a game that people put time and energy into and they should be treated with respect on that basis.
If you can’t make a raid, please in game mail one of the leaders to let them know.

Are there requirements needed to raid besides being level 85?
Let's be serious here. If your gear and abilities are within reason of the raid we are going to run, you should qualify. We don't have a required gear score per raid, but we do expect you to be geared within reason and know how to play your spec.  If you have a green, you better be able to defend why you think you can handle that raid. Your DPS, Healing or Tanking ability better be within par. You should know your toon enough to know what you can or can't handle.


Who handles this?

What is this?
EPGP is based on the concept of Effort Points and Gear Points. Effort Points quantify the effort each member put towards the (common) guild goals and Gear Points quantify what each member got back in return. Loot priority is computed as the quotient of the two; priority (PR) is equal to EP/GP

 Example: A raider with 1,000 EP and 250 GP would have a Priority of 4.

When is it used?
In general, only 25-man raids use EPGP for gear distribution.
EP can be awarded through a multiple activities:
* Being on time for raids
* Killing a new Boss
* Stay for each full hour of raid
* Being present until the end of raid
* Being extraordinarily helpful to the guild (Donate bank need items as specified in Message of the Day)
* Doing some grunt work no one wants to tackle, like updating the guild's website, organizing Naxx runs
GP points are accounted through some other set of action:
* Receiving loot in a raid

Can you loose points?
* Currently there is no way to lose EP or GP. But keep being naughty and I am sure we can think of something

Do you start out with a certain amount of points?
All new recruits receive 500 GP. After 8 raids, they should receive minimum 500 EP, this balances their PR to 1 if not higher, which is near the average PR of the active raiders.

How do you figure out what a piece of loot costs in these points?
Master Looter is always assigned in 25man. Master Looter will always state how much a piece of loot cost GP wise.

Bear in mind EPGP is used as a guideline to achieve some type of balance in gear distribution. It is up to Raid Leader, Loot Master, and Officers present in raid' discretion on final loot decision. For example, Raider will always have gear priority over non-raiders. Mains always have priority over alts. Clothies have priority over cloth gear.

Guild Bank

Who is our bank manager? Are there alt bankers?

What are the tabs?
1. Gear enhancement: Gems, enchant mats, leg armor etc
2. Herbs
3. Crafting mats.
4. Flasks, elixirs, potions.
5. Picnic. Raid foods
6. Donation tab

Are we allowed anything free from the bank?
1. Consumables for raids.
2. Enchanting supplies for gear won in current content raids.
3. Gems for gear won in current content raids.
4. Re-Spec cost (if spec is needed for raid)
5. Resist sets
6. Petitions for free items approved by Rayche.

Do we pay for items? If so, how does that work?
1. Banker = 75% off AH price & raid repair allowance.
2. Leader = 75% off current AH price.
3. Raider = 75% off current AH price
4. Member = 50% off current AH price.
5. Social / Recruits = current AH price.

What items can we contribute towards the bank?
Anything that is useful / relevant to end game raiding.

What is the money in the bank used for?
Primarily raid repairs.

Abuse of Guild Bank privileges (Possible /gkick offenses):
1. Selling Guild Bank items on AH.
2. Excessive withdrawals (esp on non-raid days)
3. Withdrawing "free materials" for non-guild purposes.
4. Anything considered "Abuse of Privilege"


Non-Members: If you are still interested in joining Endure, go to  "Apply to Guild" 

 Guild Members: Go to the  "Yes, I have read this Guild Information page"   poll and mark "Yes".